Language Courses

Our language courses take place once, twice or three times per week either as group lessons consisting of a maximum number of 8 students or as individual lessons. Before attending our lessons you are asked to take a free placement test to assure that all students are assigned to the course corresponding to their competence. Our courses are based on the Common European Framework (CEF) and are suited to beginners as well as to advanced students. A non-binding trial lesson is free of charge.

It is our aim to impart communicative abilities and grammar knowledge in a structured manner to our students in an informal and pleasant atmosphere. Besides carefully chosen coursebooks we also employ our own teaching materials to assure optimal learning success.

English and German as a foreign language are offered in group lessons as well as in individual lessons. Other foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese or Polish are offered as individual lessons. Thus, you have come to the right school if you wish to learn a foreign language or to extend your knowledge of it or if you have moved to Germany from abroad or speak little or no German!

In our crash courses for German as a Foreign Language or for English you will be taught within a short period of time the basics of communication and grammar as well as the required vocabulary in the chosen language. These courses enable you to learn especially efficiently and to save time when it comes to learning a foreign language for the first time or to brushing up your language skills.

In individual lessons the course content will be arranged with the student beforehand and adapted to his interests to enable him to reach the concrete goals he has set himself. The student can thereby have the teacher's fullest attention and determine the learning speed on his own.

Our offer:

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