Coaching lessons

In our coaching lessons we provide help for children and young people from the first grade to senior secondary classes by trying to reduce their language difficulties and by promoting a positive attitude to the foreign language they are learning. We also consider our offer as a supplement to what is taught at the public schools, its purpose being to assure a lasting improvement in the student's school achievements. The individual needs of the young people can therefore be met either in individual lessons or in group lessons of no more than five students.

Besides English, German, Spanish and French other foreign languages can also be offered.

In a trial lesson free of charge and without any obligation to you we will examine the current competence of the participants in order to be able to deal with any possible weaknesses. All instruction takes place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Our teaching materials are carefully chosen by our pedagogical supervisors and are adapted to the respective needs of the participants. Books and materials in public school use are of course also included in the lessons.

Our offer:

Interested? If so, please give us a call or fill out our contact form. You are also welcome to come to our premises so that we can advise you personally.