Welcome to Sprachen am Bundesplatz

Sprachen am Bundesplatz is a private language school that offers young people and adults the possibility to acquire and to extend their knowledge of foreign languages. You can choose courses ranging from private lessons for children and young people to courses for adults up to solutions catering to individual needs of all kinds.

Our courses are focussed on English and German, i.e. German as a foreign language. Other languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese or Polish are also on offer.

You will be taught by qualified native speakers in small groups or individually at favourable rates. Active speaking skills and the teaching of grammar form the basis of our courses. Varied teaching materials enable you to acquire and to extend your foreign language knowledge. We are the ideal partners at your side!

Interested? If so, please give us a call or kindly fill out our contact form. You are also welcome to come to our school premises so that we can advise you personally! You can take a free placement test and trial lesson without any obligation to you.

Learning languages the simple way.